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How to start your own business after study?
International Project Management and (Social) Entrepreneurship
ESG Aachen
30.10.20 17:00 Uhr bis 01.11.20 14:00 Uhr
Haus Venusberg Bonn

"Do I want to go back to my home country or do I  work in Germany for a few years to get work experience? Or will I realize a project idea? What do I need for this and who supports me? How can I avoid mistakes? ”

Many international students ask  these questions at the end of their studies in Germany. As returning specialists who have acquired their professional qualification in Germany, they play an important role in their countries of origin. Through their successful professional integration, they make a lasting contribution to the economic, technological and social development of their countries. They have up-to-date specialist knowledge, international contacts, intercultural competence and are multilingual.

For a successful return, there must be a good preparation.

This weekend we will cover
- the development-oriented program "Returning Experts" from CIM
- Project planning and management in different cultures
- a best practice example of an African entrepreneur
We invite international students who are planning to return and start work in their home country.

The development-oriented program” Returning Experts” from CIM specifically supports the professional integration of university graduates interested in return and experienced professionals from developing, emerging and transition countries who have qualified professionally in Germany. The focus is on the placement of specialist staff in areas that are important for development policy. In addition to placement and counseling services, the program also offers return funding to specialists.

In the workshop part on international project management and (social) entrepreneurship you will get short introductions and put these into practice. You will identify a challenge that you are concerned about, discover your target group, develop your goals and the needed strategy, including finance and marketing aspects.


Notes on hygiene rules due to COVID 19
Due to the COVID 19 situation we have limited number of participants. Please only attend the seminar if you feel healthy. Masks are required. We will send further information to the participants one week before the start of the seminar.

Kornelia von Kaisenberg
Irina Ruoff, International Project Management
Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung/CIM Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit/giz
seminar is free!
Kornelia von Kaisenberg
Telefon: 0241 -9186714
Email: esg-kaisenberg@rwth-aachen.de

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